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Network Deployment Design

We help our customer design whole network infrastructure from A to Z using Cloud managed or on premise managed design.

Superior Features Design

Our design will provide superior design with advanced features that you never ever think about it is possible.

Easy Maintain

Our solution will given you an easy to maintain environment that will never failed you when you are on vocation.


We provide
creative solutions for all your needs!

We are networking expert that can help you to design and revamp your network infrastructure from ISP modem to end users with our superior products with reasonable prices.


Omada Pro Solutions

Engineered for Enterprise Verticals
Omada Pro is enterprise-grade product line designed to meet the high-capacity, security and management needs of various Industries

Software Controller

Provide an intelligent network management platform

Access Point

Bring seamless wireless Internet with comprehensive access points


Optimized your network with smart, scalable, and secure switches


Secure your network across SD-WAN, WIDS/WIPS, PPSK, and much more


Creative solutions with the recommended products

All the products we recommended to be use in the design will have superior features with reasonable prices. We also provide data security which provide protection for the entire servers in your data center. 

Omada Pro

Omada Pro Cloud solution is an easy-to-use cloud-based controller solution that lets you affordably monitor, manage, and provision your Omada Pro products.

Edgecore Solution

Edgecore Networks is the leader in open networking providing a full line of switches for data center, telecommunications, and enterprise network use cases.

Carbonite Availability

Carbonite Availability provides complete data protection and enables instant recovery from any server outage including physical and virtualization server.

Industrial Panel PC

Industrial panel PCs support industrial communication protocols and accommodate the needs of many industrial applications that allow operators to monitor, control and adjust industrial automation processes. Serial ports and dual NICs allow its use with legacy devices and peripherals, so integrating new equipment and still use the older devices creates saving opportunities.


Industrial Switch

Specially designed to transmit reliable but high-speed data in heavy industrial demanding environments. It provides 10/100/1000BASE-T copper and fibre interfaces delivered in an IP30 rugged strong case with redundant power system.


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