Building to Building

Wireless bridge (PTP/PTMP) solutions were deployed to connect network between one or more building together, such as when an enterprise adds another building in a campus setting, or miles away. With IgniteNet™’s MetroLinq™, the world’s first cost-effective 60GHz PTP/PTMP radio enabling high performance, interference-free connections worldwide, enable enterprises to cut their monthly IT bill, increase capacity, and increase the control and security of their enterprise network.

The MetroLinq™ has an added advantage of being license-free in most markets globally, allowing ultra fast deployment and without the hassle of other frequency bands requiring a license. The MetroLinq™ also includes a second 5GHz radio which can be configured as PTP (backup) to provide integrated redundancy without any additional hardware or complexity! 

Last Mile Access

  • MetroLinq allows providing real Gigabit speeds to the home
  • Quick, cost-effective and easy deployment allows quick expansion and extension of fibre based networks
  • Last mile connectivity in PTP or PTMP network configuration


Fiber Extension

  • Robust and high speed connectivity for enterprises
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Quick ROI